Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I went with C. to let the realtor in. As we sat in her grandmother's living room, something caught my eye. In the fireplace I saw a white, flickering light. I brought my curious observation to C's attention, thinking that perhaps there was one of those fake logs that had gone crazy. She saw nothing. Later when I was approaching the living room from the hallway I half-wondered if I would catch another glimpse of the flickering things. As soon as that thought cropped up I was surprised to find another flickering light humming around the fireplace and up the chimney. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To Do List (Layer 1):
Finish Gift for A.
Click "Place Order" on Amazon
Read Everything that Comes in the Mail
Revisit T.B.C. 1&2

Simultaneous To Do List (Layer 2):
Draft Ideas for Object Stories
Find Misc. Lost Items
Draft Ideas for C. and An. and S.

To Do List (Layer 3):
Remain Caffeinated 
Do Not Die

Monday, January 5, 2009

I went to the pastry shop today hoping to enjoy a croissant and work through my block. Instead I imbibed an absurd amount of caffeine (shame on the pastry people for changing their policy to free refills).  I ran into some acquaintances of mine and tried to dodge them (only because I left my home for a very specific mission), but was unsuccessful.  B & C saw right through my scarf and hat and called me over (which I think is rather impressive, seeing as I haven't seen either in three years). I sat with the two for nearly four hours. The cafe was far too small for me to simply sit across the room and hide behind my laptop. Despite the fact that I haven't touched my accumulating T.B.C.'s, I am going to give the cafe another go tomorrow morning. Perhaps I'll don a pair of lunettes...