Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work in Progress: Wind and Weathervane

A victorian weathervane
denies Wind's advances
revealing her copper cheek
she deflects his kiss.

He thrusts and whispers,
fingers failing to furl 
around her base.
And she,
pinnacle of perpetual pivot
cannot be beleaguered by Wind.

He evacuates from her presence
like a vapor.
And with a final pirouette, 
Weathervane releases a sigh.

The three particles of air
displaced by her breath
hum their way into Wind's ear.
Taunted by her song,
Reminded of his defeat,
He calls his sister, Rain.

Rain's glaucous cords lasso around
the sanguine dancer.
Usurped by rust,
Unable to catch the sun,
Quiescence quiets her pivots
and Wind may at last have his kiss.

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